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About Rythminno

Rythminno is Digital Entrepreneurship, Education and Freelancing Accelerator serves as a transformative and empowering force capable of setting up bridges of bringing Africa and the rest of the world (mainly China) closer in a win-win partnership that empower a sustainable digital economy in the continent, improving youth welfare and revitalizing communities.

In rythminno we have laser focus on the following axis:

Entrepreneurship, Startups
High-tech solutions and digital transformation

Rythminno for Startups

Innovation Hive and connecting platform, where the much-needed resources for a winning idea, startups to efficiently thrive to the top rank are made available. Through established investor, startup and talents’ relations, we ensure that we have common goals to meet the needs of Tunisian and African market as a team.

RythmInno For startups will make sure to assess the client (startup) needs and consider assisting them based on this is in line with the Services/Products it offers. Firstly, we offer a series of entrepreneurship classes to get the founders ready for their entrepreneurship journey. We offer guidance and mentoring on business strategy, management, marketing, financial, legal, and product development issues. Secondly, we smoothly facilitate better access to finance of the startup business projects through creating a pan-African “investment pipeline” for tech start-ups and better information about financing opportunities and introducing start-ups with finance partners such as Venture Capitalists, Foundations , Banks and Angel Investors. We give these startups the much-needed visible identity to help promote their offerings and find funding or investment capital.

Rythminno Education

Education Accelerator that serves to promote and support the scientific research in Africa by linking African university Network with Chinese universities. Offering Scholarship to needy and brilliant students in Chinese universities. Organizing matchmaking events for the promotion of innovation Scientific research between China and Africa.

Rythminno Technologies

Rythminno Team and our Network of freelancers Supporting corporates and organizations in their digital transformation Offering in Demand Software and High-Tech solutions (AI, Blockchain, IOT…)